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The Bad The Good and the Ugly [RPG Edition]
Par Scatman, le 21/10/2011 à 23h11 (4110 vues)
Catégorie : RPG
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The title of my post is kinda confusing. I won't speak about the movie but for 3 of my less favourite RPG games. You can call it list of shame :P .

The first place or the "Good" goes to the : Ephemeral Fantasia (click to visit it's thread).

Actually, it's no good at all. But I have to admit that it is better than the next ones.
Everything about this game is wrong. It's artwork (what a terrible cover ~all versions~), the slow gameplay, it's graphics even the music is failed althought it's a musical RPG. The producers tried to mime the mechanics (time travelling) of the legendary Zelda - Majora's Mask but they failed 100%.

The bad goes to a bad game. I'm talking about Izuna 2 - The Unemployed Ninja Returns (click to visit it's thread).

Both Izunas are bad games. But the second part of this shitty series is the worst. A completely stupid scenario, tragic main and NPC characters, annoying dialogues. Let's hope we won't see the Izuna 3 in the future.This game is too generic and childish that it used to be my worst RPG of all time till I discovered...

The ugly or else, my worst RPG of all time, the Dungeon of Windaria (click to visit it's thread).

Windaria is one of my all time favourites anime. I always think how great would be If someone could make this anime into a videogame. And then, my wish became my worst nightmare. Compile Hearts manage to transform an excellent anime into a tragedy.

Seriously, WHAT IN THE WORLD they were thinking?

The gameplay is pretty similar to Izuna 2 (dungeon crawler) and most of times you will be inside a dungeon which, btw, is randomly generated! Yup, thats right. The design of the next floor is always random. But even worse, the references to the anime are completely ridiculous. Static anime pics with text (always tell you that you must escape this place). All the dungeons are in the same style but with different paths.

The game is pretty short too. I'm pretty sure that noone in this world have spent more than 3-4 hours for this... "game".

Btw, guys have you ever seen the movie?

It's a classic western with Clint Eastwood at his best! You must not miss it!

Besides it's better ~for all of us! to bother with the movie rather with the games above.

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