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Crée le 18/10/2011
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3 things I like & hate in Trails in the Sky [PSP]
Par Scatman, le 24/10/2011 à 15h43 (1548 vues)
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The first time I bothered with Legend of Heroes - Sora no Kiseki FC was back in 2005. Many people in Falcom-related forums and Japanese gamers/sites, considered it as one of Falcom's greatest games. That's not pretty far from the truth because in general, FC is an ok game.

At this time, Im replaying it on my PSP. So, I felt like writing 3 of it's best & worst characteristics.

Here you are :


  1. First of all, the game has a good character develpment pretty unusual for a Falcom game! Trails in the Sky has a nice cast of characters with interesting backround stories and each one of them has a very good presentation. Althought their not up to the standards of Final Fantasy VII or Xenogears, Falcom did a good job here.
  2. The soundtrack is great. I always give attention to the OST. The Falcom Sound Team is one of the best out there.
  3. The gameplay is extremely better than the Gagharv's Trilogy*. There are a lot of interesting options/choices but mainly, its more organized and faster.


  1. Falcom can't do nice 3D polygons. Most of their 3D games have graphical problems and the final result (not always) is not that great. But to be fair, they did a great work porting the game from the PCs to PSP ~althought the character sprites seem in worse condition than the PC thanks to the smaller resolution~.
  2. The dialogues! OH MY GOD!!! I have never seen such a huge dialogue-scripting. The problem is not the scripting itself but... the extremely extented and nosense conversations! EVERY character in this game has something to say even the useless NPCs. The important - event dialogues might last 5-10 minutes thanks to their (especially that bitch Estelle) flooding. Yup! That's the right word for the dialogues. FLOODING!
  3. Althought the gameplay is faster than the Garghav's Trilogy, it is still pretty slow. The tactical system in the fighting scenes needs a lot of improvments. It takes a lot of time to finish even an easy fight.

Anyway, as I told above Trails in the Sky (Sora no Kiseki FC) is not a bad game but also it's not for everyone. If you like the traditional Japanese RPGs where the heroes are teenagers that try to save the world with their superhero fighting skills and their non-stop talking mouth, then give it a shot. If you don't .. then PSP has a huge RPG library. Pick one from HERE (click on it) ;) .

* Gagharv Trilogy :
Loh 2
LoH 3
LoH 4

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le 01/11/2011
Thanks for your feedback, it is very true, but I am one of those J-RPG freak. Well, that is, if the game has enough content to make me wanna play it. And TiTS has a lot to offer, thankfully.

le 24/10/2011
thanks for the Gagharv correction.
Actually, I named them 2,3,4 according to PSP editions since I bothered with the PSP version of Trail in the Sky.

le 24/10/2011
Psp versions of the Gagharv trilogy (and not Garghav !) are ugly. Also, it's 3, 4 & 5. The Gameplay is great on PC version.

le 24/10/2011
you are welcome


le 24/10/2011
Just do it.

le 24/10/2011
I've wanted to play this game for so loooong. Maybe next year. Thx for your feedback !
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