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X-Men Destiny DS Version +Screens
Par Scatman, le 01/11/2011 à 18h43 (6148 vues)
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I recently wrote a review for the DS version of X-Men Destiny for my blog (it's in Greek). I have never been a fan of the X-men franchise so the logical question is why bothering with the game?

The answer is simple. Curiosity.

For an unknown reason the DS version didnt recieve similar promotion to the other versions :

Searching the net in order to find more information about the game was a small pain in the back , so I decided to check all by myself. Besides, I had nothing new to play...

The whole experience is...CRAP!

Honestly, X-Men Destiny is a mistake , an accident, a disastrous experience or.. whatever.

The scenario is pretty simple. The hero is a mutant and he needs to discover more about his abilities. So, he is searching here and there...people, infos etc In the introduction, there's a dilema. You have to choose between physical and mental powers ~for your hero~. If you choose physical, then your hero will punch the enemies with his bare hands (one button does the job..). The mental power makes him shoot them with energy balls...

The enemies are ALWAYS sentinels or purifiers punks and the action is best described -> go from the point A to B.. nothing complicated. A straight forward RPG.

The gameplay is pretty basic. Walking around the city and killing enemies. It reminded me some old '90s beat 'em ups that I used to play when I was younger.

The development is old fashioned. In order to gain level you have to hit and kill as more enemies as you can. There's a counter in the main menu. Check the fourth screenshot.

The graphics are bad, very bad especially for an 2011 production. The 3D technics don't take advance of the DS's capabilities. Anyway, there's no need to explain why they are poor. It's obvious by watching the screens or a gameplay video. The worst part is the art design. Even the famous x-men characters look different.

Did I mention that there aren't videos ? The whole gaming experience is presented by static bad illustrated pics.

X-Men Destiny is one of the worst DS RPGs along with Izuna 2 & Dungeon of Windaria and from now on a part of my all time worst RPGs.

PS - By the way, the developer is : Other Ocean Interactive

PS 1 - Check my other post with my worst RPGs : https://www.legendra.com/blogs/blog_ticket.php?bid=82&tid=1787

PS 3 - I used the DeSmuME to grab the pics (but I finished it in a real hardware/DS)

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le 02/11/2011
Wow... It looks like real shit !
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