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Crée le 18/10/2011
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Not an RPG subject : Greece
Par Scatman, le 17/02/2012 à 14h26 (787 vues)
Catégorie : Divers

long time no posting here :) .

Well, for those who doesn't know I'm Greek. Lately, strange things happen in my country thanks to the debt crisis and many people around the world "close" their eyes about this subject because of their ignorance or the propaganda they receive from the medias in their countries.

It is sad to see/read opinions from all over the world blaming Greece for this situation and hating Greek people for no reason... the worst is that they blaming it for the debt crisis. For the god shake's that's a huge lie. Greece is only the 2% of the Europe's GNP!!

Anyway, here's a honest and true explanation, in a 9gag.com style, about what really happens in Greece and why we are furious with the Eurozone leaders (and of course our goverment) :





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5 commentaires

le 30/04/2012
I just hope Greeks will get out of this mess as soon as possible.
I don't think French hates Greeks or Greece, but I can't speak for all of them...

le 20/02/2012
I lived in Greece for seven years (between 6 and 13). I love this country and I'm sad of the actual situation.

le 18/02/2012
Indeed, the media told us about the new austerity plan and the cut of 22% of your salary. I assume this is really tough and awful. I only hope the crisis won't create some kind of tension between our countries and I wish a peaceful way out of this situation. Good luck

le 17/02/2012
I'm so glad to hear this .

Just an example how things are going here :

Basic Salary : 450 Euros
Rent a house : 200-250 Euros
Taxes : for electricity, water, telephone-net : 200-300 euros for a common family (per 2 months)
Extra taxes : depends on several things for example the size of your house and the area. my family paid 500 euros...
Jobs : 50% of the ages 18-25 are unemployment... 27% in total...10.000.000 live in greece..that means 1.000.000 havent got a job
Plus the food, extras...

The sad part is that the next victims are Portugal (they actually have the same probs), Spain, Italy and Ireland...and after these countries... it's France's and England's turn..!

As for the politician's ... here's what one of them told in a French media about the Greek people :


top earner bad - ass. Monthly income 5000+ euros... No cuts for the politician's salaries...

Of course our popular media don't show these kind of infos..

le 17/02/2012
Don't worry, here in France we're well aware of the situation of your country, that's almost the most important topic right now. And I don't think that French (even European) people (nonetheless, in my opinion) are blaming the Greeks for the situation there. On the contrary, we understand how painful it is. Your government is the one responsible for the crisis, not you. I support you bro' !
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