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Lodoss Tou Senki - Haiiro no Majo

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Screenshots Lodoss Tou Senki - Haiiro no Majo
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2 commentaires sur Mega CD

le 23/01/2005
Ahhh... Record of Lodoss War... I bought this game 3years ago because I liked the TV series. However, this game dissapointed me.It have some kewls ideas (like to not buy new weapons (and armor) all the time. You've to keep your 1st weapon (important) and melt new ones you found. After that, you can rebuild your sword like the melt one. This way, youll keep all of your runes... ah yeah the runes. To upgrade your weapon, you simply have to add some runes over and over on your sword.), but thats all. I started to play it at 60Hz and every time more than 3monsters appeared on the screen it starts to run at 6FPS! 6FPS!!! However, I liked Diablo, and because I liked the ideas or RoLW, I continued playin' it. After gettin to the end boss I don't liked the game anymore (few fps, bad dubbing, ugly visuals) and quit playing it (never finished it, but my character was sooo kewl. I was the guard of the dragon and had dragon armor and stuff like that). One year later, I was forced to play this game at 50Hz... and it run perfectly! No slowdowns even when 50enemys appeared at the same time on the screen!! That was weird. Did you heared that Hayward? You should update your review (because according to your review, the games has some slowdowns but at 50Hz it run perfectly). ^-^ *lol* Oh and: the story is completly different as the one of the series! The bad guy of the series is the good guy in this game. That's odd. And another thing is: The Intro you see at the beginning is not the real one. Wait 3mins and the real Intro starts (it's 3mins long) to play. Weird.

le 12/07/2003
Les Chroniques de la guerre de Lodoss ont débarqué en RPG, mais pas du tout là où on les attendait... Là où un RPG "à la japonaise" aurait été prévisible, le développeur Kadokawa Shoten a opté pour un jeu à la Diablo des plus surprenants. Malgré ça l'ensemble s'avère réussi dans l'ensemble, malgré quelques défauts inhérents au genre.
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