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Car Battler Joe > Game details

Car Battler Joe

General Info

System : gba

Type : incrpg

Player(s) : 1

Belong to group(s) :

Also on :

Other name(s) : Gekitou! Car Battler Go!!

Nom original : 激闘!カーバトラーGO!!

Developer(s) : Ancient,

Chara-designer(s) : ???,

Composer(s) : Yuzo Koshiro, Tomonori Hayashibe,

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amerique 21/10/2002

Publisher : Natsume

japon 30/11/2001

Publisher : Victor Interactive Software

Car Battler Joe > Commentaires :

Car Battler Joe


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2 commentaires
le 05/11/2020
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le 24/10/2020
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