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King's Knight

General Info

System : nes

Type : adv

Player(s) : 1

Also on : msx wii

Nom original : キングスナイト

Developer(s) : Bits Laboratory

Chara-designer(s) : ???

Composer(s) : Nobuo Uematsu

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amerique ??/09/1989

Publisher : Squaresoft

japon 18/09/1986

Publisher : Squaresoft

Legendra comment On the box of the MSX version, it's clearly written "Formation RPG". If Square considered it like an RPG or simply put that title to rise sell rate, that's not 100% clear. This game indeed is a sort of vertical scrolling shooting game with classic fantasy RPG setting & characters (and some other elements too, like experience points). Someone consider it like a member of the Gauntlet genre.
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King's Knight


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1 commentaire sur Nintendo

le 07/08/2008
Un Scrolling Shooter bien sympa mais je vois pas bien ce qu'il vient faire sur un site de rpg...
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