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Conquering The World III > Game details

Conquering The World III

General Info

System : md

Type : crpg

Player(s) : 1

Belong to group(s) : Tenchi wo Kurau

Other name(s) : Tūn Shí Tiān Dì 3

Nom original : 吞食天地3

Voir la fiche sur Guardiana

Developer(s) : Chaunpu

Chara-designer(s) : ???

Composer(s) : ???

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1 member completed it (Average time: 23h)
1 member owns it
1 member y joue

chine ??/??/1995

Publisher : SKOB

Conquering The World III > Commentaires :

Conquering The World III


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3 commentaires

le 13/02/2018
muito bom só faltou a tradução.
le 08/10/2005
This game is uber awesome. At first, I thought that I would hate it eventually because it's not in English. Then I start to look past the language barrier and I started to realize that this game had some Final Fantasy zen to it. It's part Final Fantasy VII, part Final Fantasy IV (II in North America), and a whole lot of fun.

le 19/09/2004
Un RPG Chinois dont les combats font penser à un ancien Final Fantasy. Je ne note pas ce jeu car je n'ai pas assez joué pour dire une opinion convaincante. Cependant, les graphismes et musiques y sont sympa.
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