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play2 Persona 3 FES en US confirmé
avatar Par MeDioN le 25/02/2008 à 15h22
Atlus a confirmé la rumeur qui enflait!

"Ok, we give up. The rumors were true.

Persona 3 FES is coming to North America!
Months of trying to keep FES a secret are now behind us (which means all of us here can reflect on just how futile an effort that was).

So what's the big deal about Persona 3 FES? "FES" is short for "Festival," and in Japan, FES was released as a reward for gamers who picked up the original. Not only does the new FES content enhance the original game, but the new FES component is actually a game in and of itself, accessible right from the get-go. We think of it as two games on one disc. It is the definitive Persona 3 experience.

We will be releasing the stand-alone version of FES. There was of course the option of just releasing the "Append" disc (which would have required ownership of the original game), but in the end, we didn't want you to have to own anything else to enjoy the experience.

We'll have a ton more updates going out for FES soon, telling you about the extra features, content, and modes for you to enjoy. Thanks for being patient. We're glad you stuck around.

Oh, and we decided to set the suggested retail for FES at $29.99, just for the heck of it. Thanks for continuing to support us, Atlus Faithful!

Rotka l'avait déjà annoncé il y a quelque temps, mais voici la confirmation officielle pour le 22 avril, ce qui devrait ravir tous les fans.

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5 commentaires

le 25/02/2008
Ouais comme d'hab'

le 25/02/2008
Si atlus usa l'annonce pour le 22 avril, on peut donc envisager qu'il ne sera pas dispo avant le mois de juin

le 25/02/2008
(cris hystériques) JE LE VEUX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

le 25/02/2008
maintenant faut espérer du PAL

le 25/02/2008

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